Mission Statement and Purpose for Therapeutic Strategies

The mission of Center for Therapeutic Strategies is to provide evaluations, therapy and consulting solutions to guide families through the maze of strategies that equip and empower individuals with processing disorders to be able to fulfill their highest potential.

Motto: Providing a Light of Hope for the Treatment Journey

The Purpose of Center for Therapeutic Strategies is to give individuals with processing disorders a hope and a future by empowering them to fulfill their highest potential by:

  • Provide diagnostic evaluations and therapy for speech, language, auditory processing, phonological awareness, fluency and voice disorders
  • Provide consultation services to oversee the ongoing overall treatment plan
  • Evaluate and identify the extent of the processing disorder
  • Identify areas of treatment needed to address the various aspects of the processing disorder
  • Prioritize the areas of the treatment strategy

Philosophy: A wise teacher makes learning fun, especially if it is difficult.

  Center for Therapeutic Strategies, Quantum Treatment Solutions, and Therapeutic Strategies, P.C. do not diagnose, treat, nor prescribe for a specific medical condition or illness and any recommendation made is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.