Billing Policy


The Center for Therapeutic Strategies, P.C. (CTS) was formed in March 2006. We are a private clinic with no affiliations to hospitals or universities. For that reason, our financial policies have evolved with experience in the private sector and are being provided in written form to our clients to assist in understanding and efficiency.

It should be understood that this clinic CANNOT wait for payment. Services are always provided in good faith that compensation will be provided. Sound business practices are essential if we are to provide the excellence in treatment for which CTS has come to be known.


All payment for services is due by the last session of each week when services are rendered. The clinic will provide a weekly statement that includes all the necessary information for the client to submit to the insurance company. Clients are responsible for all charges incurred at the time of service.

Late Arrival, “No-Show” And Cancellation Billing Policies:

Late arrival for a session is billed at full price.

Missed appointments should be avoided primarily for the sake of continuity of the patient’s care. It is, of course, impossible to keep every appointed time of every week, but an attempt to do so is expected both on the part of the client and the therapist. “NO-SHOW” is defined as no notice received. A notice is defined as face-to-face communication or your message left on the therapist’s voice mail.

Cancellation is defined as notification 24 hours prior to appointment. Cancellations made with less notice will be billed at 100% of the normal session fee. If the cancelled appointment can be rescheduled within one (1) calendar week, the clinic would prefer to provide the service in lieu of charging for a missed appointment.

Optimal care, rather than penalties, is our goal – along with best use of time.
Likewise, it is the goal for our professional staff to respect your time also. Therefore, cancellations made the day of your therapy will be left on your answering machine or via email. We will also be responsible for contacting you for make-up options as soon as we return or in advance when possible. Please be sure we have all personal contact information possible (phone numbers and email) to ensure that you receive any cancellation notice on the part of the therapist.


The objective to any financial policy is NOT to penalize regularly paying clients who fall slightly behind in payments. Rather,the objective for the clinic is to have sound financial policies in place which must be adhered to by clients.

If a client’s account becomes overdue, treatment may be interrupted. We will attempt to contact the client to make financial arrangements. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact our clinic if a financial question arises in order to find a mutually satisfactory solution.

Services will be interrupted if payments have not resumed. The appointment slot will be held for one week only. After one week, the slot will be lost and rescheduling will be necessary after the balance is settled with the Business Office.

If no agreement is reached, or if contact with the client is never made, therapy will be discontinued. At that time the Business Office will send the client a final letter stating that a lack of response will result in the account being sent to Collections.