Fluency & Voice Therapy

You likely remember the kid in your elementary class who had a stutter. You might even remember how the other kids reacted—it may have been unconformable in the best cases and outright mean in others.

Often, people are unsure about how to respond when talking to people who stutter or have other uncommon speech patterns.  They might look away during moments of stuttering, interrupt, fill in words, or simply not talk to a person who stutters.

You don’t want that to happen to your child.  You want him or her to be treated kindly and just like everyone else.  We can help.

Our Fluency & Voice Therapy can bring relief your child stutters, repeats certain sounds or words, or otherwise has to put forth the effort to speak smoothly.

What is Fluency & Voice Therapy?

Fluency is the part of speech that refers to continuity, smoothness, rate, and effort. You can improve fluency through training.

Our unique approach involves addressing the underlying fluency issues.

We might help your child learn to create a state of calm focused attention and to self-regulate. We might work with him or her to overcome the reflexes that may be impeding the flow of speech. Or we might try breathing exercises to create awareness of the role breathing plays in speech patterns.

We’ll work through a few behavior modifications steps to facilitate fluent speech at whatever level is attainable, then we’ll slowly increase your child’s ability and frequency to use fluent speech in more life situations.

What Causes Fluency & Voice Issues?

We don’t know the exact cause. Recent studies suggest that genetics plays a role in the fluency and voice issues, but, for example, not everyone who is predisposed to stutter will do so.

How Are Fluency & Voice Issues Evaluated?

Fluency issues may range from repeating a sound, word or phrase, prolonging a sound, or blocking sounds or words from coming out. There might be a physical reaction – like body tension or a facial grimace. For the most part, fluency issues are easy to detect. But, only a certified speech-language pathologist can tell for sure.

Together, we can discover the best way to help your child. Get in touch today.

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We are on the cutting edge of speech and language therapy and have been for decades. Our founder, Jane Shook, is world-renowned for her innovative and highly effective approach to treatment.

Jane has developed cross-disciplinary treatments that combine the best approaches from speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Her strategies also include elements of psychology, social work, art therapy, biomedical treatment, functional neurology, and developmental optometry.

At CTS Dallas, we adhere to Jane’s credo that a wise teacher makes learning fun. Our therapists are among the most competent, compassionate, and dedicated in the country.

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