Sensory Processing Dysfunction

If Sensory Processing Dysfunction affects your child, he may not be able to enjoy the experiences you once loved as a child. In fact, he may be in serious distress and discomfort.

What Is Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD)?

So, what is Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD)? In the simplest terms, SPD refers to a brain’s difficulty in analyzing and responding to information. This is information gathered by your child’s sense of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

SPD can look like oversensitivity to normal sounds or to light touch. An everyday sound from around the house like the vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal can elicit a strong physical or emotional reaction. The touch of clothes on your child’s skin may be painful or overwhelming.

SPD Is Not Necessarily The Same From Day To Day.

One of the hallmarks of SPD is that it is not necessarily the same from day to day.

It may affect one sense or it may affect all of them. A sound may evoke a strong reaction like screaming or even vomiting. Or your child might recoil when touched or presented with food he does not like.

In some cases, a child may appear to not respond to sensory stimuli at all.

SPD Is Not Easy For Some Clinicians To Diagnose

Sensory Processing Dysfunction can often co-occur with a disorder such as Autism,  ADHD, or Learning Disability/ Dyslexia. Its symptoms can range from relatively mild to very severe. And, as you may already know, it can have a serious impact on your child’s ability to enjoy and participate in daily activities.

If your child is affected by Sensory Processing Dysfunction, you may have had difficulty finding help thus far. That’s because some clinicians are ill equipped to recognize or diagnose this disorder underlying many others. You just want your child to get the help he needs.

CTS Dallas Can Help – And We Make It Fun

if you suspect that you or your child may be struggling with Sensory Processing Dysfunction- either on its own or with another disorder- it is important to be assessed by the right clinicians with the right experience.

At CTS Dallas, we specialize in developing treatment plans for individuals with SPD. Here, treatment often includes multifaceted activities to help the individual become more competent in handling real-world experiences. And we make it fun.

This is what sets our practice apart.

You want your child to enjoy the world around him. You want him to…well, be a kid and do what kids do. You’ve taken an important step by making it this far. We can help you from here.

Let CTS Help Create A Miracle For Your Child