For Parents

We’re glad you’re here.

You’ve turned to us because you are worried. You need a miracle.

Your child can’t control his emotions. He doesn’t seem to understand what people say to him. He has difficulty answering questions. Or is withdrawn. Or lacks motivation. Or doesn’t eat. Or doesn’t speak.

You’re frustrated. You’re overwhelmed.

You don’t know what to do. You’ve tried to find help, but nothing is working. You’ve tried your pediatrician. Your child’s school. No one seems to understand your child.

And you may be scared.  Will your child have a bright future? Will he learn to read or do math well. Will he become a successful adult?  You worry he’ll have to live with you for the rest of his life. That he’ll never have friends. That he won’t get married or have children.

We know you’re hurting. We know you might blame yourself. And we know that you would do just about anything to help your child.

There May Be A Physical Cause

Your child’s problems may have a physical origin, such as persistent ear infections or a gastrointestinal problem. His brain may be processing language and sounds as though they are miles away. And that would make anyone frustrated, angry, withdrawn, or just miserable. Importantly, you’ve done nothing wrong. This isn’t your fault…or your child’s.

There is hope.

Our therapies can help children like yours get better. We see miracles every day. So, take a deep breath because help is here.

Let’s make your miracle happen.