Developmental Delays

No parent ever wants to think of their child as “falling behind” his or her peers.

If you suspect that your child’s development might be delayed, then you’re obviously concerned… or upset, or frustrated.

Maybe your pediatrician has told you that your son or daughter isn’t reaching certain development milestones. But a child who is temporarily lagging behind a particular milestone is not experiencing a developmental delay.

What Is A Developmental Delay?

Developmental Delay is a broad diagnosis used to describe a range of difficulties in several key areas of your child’s growth. These include motor function, speech, and social interaction. Developmental milestones are how your pediatrician or clinician assesses if your child is maturing at a normal pace. They include:

  • Language Skills – making sounds, speaking, and using nonverbal communication
  • Cognitive/Executive Function Skills – problem-solving basics and memory
  • Social Skills – interacting and cooperating with other children, adults, and teachers
  • Gross Motor Skills – rolling over, balance, walking, etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills – using hands to eat, draw, and dress

Every child is different, and every child that faces a developmental delay is going to need the specialized support that only you and an experienced clinician can provide. Every child has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Early Intervention For Developmental Delays Is Crucial

Research shows the sooner a child with delays can begin therapy the more significant impact that intervention will have. For that reason, the speech and language pathologists here at CTS utilize their strengths to facilitate growth in areas of weakness.

You, the parent, are your child’s best teacher. But you may need some guidance to help your child develop the best he can. Using evidence-based therapies and treatment, we’ll create a treatment plan designed specifically to help your child thrive.

Don’t lose hope. We are here to help.