Mentoring Program


About the Program

Center for Therapeutic Strategies mentoring program involves utilizing students as well as seasoned professionals.

The First level of mentoring is to allow undergrad and grad students in speech pathology to come and observe therapy sessions. This is a volunteer opportunity and may include opportunities to interact with Jane and have her explain why she is doing what she is doing and opportunities for non-clinical tasks, i.e. non-direct client contact as well.

The second level of mentoring is utilizing undergrad and grad students in speech pathology to assist Jane in the clinical setting, whether in the room with the patient or observing via a webcam in a separate room for educational purposes. There are volunteer and employment positions available.

The third level of mentoring allows licensed speech therapy assistants and speech pathologists to work as a speech pathologist with Jane after a period of time of shadowing and assisting so that they can implement the strategies that are unique to Center for Therapeutic Strategies. This opportunity is a paid position involving your own caseload and could be full- or part-time.

The Fourth level of mentoring involves monthly classes by invitation to SLPAs and SLPs. Speech pathologist employees of CTS are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity in so far as CTS will waive the enrollment fee. Invited professionals outside of CTS will be charged a fee determined by the length of the class.

Continuing education credits may be offered for some classes.


The mentoring classes are available by application and/or invitation.
Please submit your application by email or fill out the application below. Please supply the following information:

    *There are opportunities at Level I for undergrad students enrolled in senior-level courses to teach some educational classes that are supervised and designed by veteran certified practitioners.