Thank you for making the time to attend our recent casino night. Your presence meant the world to our children, parents and teachers. Your love for this community pours through you and the work you do. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.

–Priya at ISW

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you! Thank you for guiding me with the auditory processing kids. Thanks be to God for finding me a tender friend with a servant’s heart. I love your sense of humor and you passion for healing. You are a wonderful blessing to me! May you rest in the peace of our almighty God and Father and enjoy this season and glad tidings!


“I am so glad that you and many other therapists helped Margaret become the young adult
she is today. When she was just two years old, I remember the poor prognosis that some
doctor’s gave us. I am thankful for the Speech Therapist that eventually called and wanted
to do additional testing and eventually put us in touch with therapists like you. I could go
on and on with how the hand of God guided us and I often walked haltingly along asking for
encouragement and positive results.

–Cari, parent of an eighteen-year-old high school senior graduating with high honors

“Incidentally, I was really impressed with Jane’s professionalism.  Perhaps I can return her favor by involving her in an Independent Evaluation at some point in the future.”


“Jane!! You were fabulous!… I have never had 55 people on a Tuesday night workshop, so you are favorite!…Thank you again for having such a “go with the flow” attitude! I was a little overwhelmed, but it did not phase you one bit!”