Classroom And Homework Accommodations


The following activities may be beneficial in assisting in maintaining an appropriate level of alertness during schoolwork and homework as well as improve performance of academic skills:

  • Use a pencil grip on a mechanical pencil when writing to provide the child with feedback regarding the amount of pressure they are applying on the paper and improve hand position to decrease the fatigue associated with a tight grip
  • Place his work on a vertical surface (slant board, easel, taped to the wall) to improve postural control and bring work closer to his visual field
  • Free workspaces of visual distractions
  • Suck a liquid through a straw or suck on candy while performing written work (sucking can help increase visual attention with less energy on objects if approximately 18 inches from the face) or provide something to chew
  • Sit on a large therapy ball where knees and hips are flexed at 90 degrees or on a gel or air-filled cushion to allow slight movement in his chair
  • Listen to classical music with 50 – 70 beats per minute (see Sound Health Series “Learning” “Thinking” or “Concentration” CD’s) while performing written work (see for ordering research based CD’s helpful to all in the classroom).
  • Allow the child to hold and fidget with an item such as a paper clip, rubber band or Koosh ball when listening to instructions or stories
  • Periodically encourage the child to perform activities which provide the child with proprioceptive input to organize and attain appropriate levels of alertness.
    • seat pushups (raise bottom off chair using the hands on the sides of the chair),
    • wall push-ups where they push against the wall with the hands,
    • heel slams where they raise up onto tip-toes and them crash down on the heels

It is essential to receive an appropriate amount of sensory input consisting throughout the day. Feel free to call or email Jane Shook at Center for Therapeutic Strategies if you have any questions about any of these suggestions or which to clarify any other ideas you might have for implementing these on a principle level.