Learning Center Activities


  • Uses large muscles
  • Learns to use own ideas
  • Participates in Conversation
  • Experiments in working with others
  • Begins to recognize rights of others
  • Learns to put materials away
  • Learns to make decisions
Art Center

  • Enjoys sensory experiences
  • Has opportunity to discover color
  • Has outlet for self-expression
  • Discovers interesting ways to use materials
  • Has opportunity for social experiences
  • Has opportunity to enjoy manipulation-squeezing, pounding, pushing, and pulling

  • Plays out home experiences
  • Develops muscular coordination through dressing dolls, ironing, and rocking
  • Plays alone or with another pupil
  • Has opportunities to cooperate with others
  • Reveals thoughts and attitudes through conversation

  • Has opportunity to handle and enjoy books
  • Learns to listen to stories
  • Has opportunity for new ideas
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Begins to take responsibility for the care of books
  • Has opportunity to add to previous experiences
  • Begins to discover the meaning of printed words
  • Learns to interpret pictures
  • Develops imagination
  • Has opportunity for dramatization
Table Games

  • Enjoys a sense of achievement
  • Learns to think
  • Learns to plan
  • Has the opportunity to work alone
  • Develops coordination
  • Experiences success
  • Learns to solve problems

  • Learns to appreciate nature
  • Enjoys sensory experiences (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting)
  • Learns to help care for plants and animals
  • Begins to learn about environment
  • Satisfies curiosity about world
  • Experiments with color, size, shape, and measurement
  • Examines things under a magnifying glass
  • Learns through discovery