Fluency issues may range from a child or adult repeating a sound, word or phrase, prolonging a sound, or blocking (facial or throat tension impairing the sound from emerging) on sounds or words. These may exhibit with or without facial grimaces or other body tension. Another form of dysfluency may present with the individual “cluttering” their speech with rapid or staccato rhythmic patterns which are abnormal.

Our unique approach involves addressing the underlying fluency issues:

  • Create a state of calm focused attention while increasing the individual’s ability to utilize multiple inputs of information simultaneously
  • Assess and utilize uninhibited primitive reflexes that may be impeding the flow of speech
  • Acceptance of sensory inputs of the sound environment
  • Self-regulation for tolerating and processing the sensory stimuli in the environment
  • Behavior modification steps to facilitate fluent speech at whatever level that is attainable, then increase the ability and frequency to use fluent speech in more life situations
  • Increase the individual’s ability to have more effective and accurate sequencing and timing using the Interactive Metronome and The Listening Program or Rhythmic Entrainment
  • Breathing activities to create awareness of respiration in speech patterns

Referral to collaborate with a team of practitioners to address underlying issues of weak core muscles, neurological or biomedical issues