Summer Services and Camp


Summer Camp Connections

Summer Camp Connections is a collaborative program supervised by Jane Shook, SLP and Betty McBride, OT (CTS & NTTI). Camps provide a fun-filled, recreational experience with sensory and relationship support. Camp choices vary year to year. Please contact the CTS office for current information and schedules.

Summer Camp Connections are designed for verbal children with sensory processing disorder, problems with social skills, high functioning Autism, Asperger’s, learning differences and developmental delays. Neurotypical siblings are also welcome.

Goals: Use recreational and developmental activities to connect both sides of the brain by:

  • Rhythm and Action Skills
  • Music and Movement Games
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Sensory Regulation Tools
  • Social Skills Activities for Relating to Peers and Adults
  • Problem Solving Activities
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking with a Therapeutic Twist
  • Listening and Memory Tasks

Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs offered by CTS include rhythm and movement activities for every age, beginning with 4- year- olds through upper school. Find the program(s) in which you are interested and call for more information about times and fees.

Reading Is Language Classes are available for children ages 6 – 12 with challenges in auditory processing, phonemic awareness causing difficulties with reading, writing, and reading comprehension. Children are grouped according to age and skills.

PALS – Play, Arts, Language, and Social Skills:
An enrichment program for verbal children with receptive and expressive language delays ages 4-6. Playful interactions teach each child effective ways to listen, relate, follow directions, role play and solve problems. In this fun-filled atmosphere they will gain skills in auditory processing, verbal communication, and imaginative play.

Preschool Preparation Class targets children ages 4-5 challenged with speech, language, and processing skills. Fun activities address rhythm, social pragmatic language, cognition, vocabulary and following directions.

Clap and Tap targets ages 8-10 Employs the support of peers to encourage and motivate participation in the interactive Metronome and other rhythm activities. Helps build organizational skills.