3 year old boy with advanced language skills, sleep problems, and volatile, hyperactive behavior.


Do you remember the day we first discussed bone conduction listening therapy for Stanley? I was exhausted and frazzled and Stanley was standing next to me, jumping up repeatedly so that his head could slam into the bottom of my purse. It is no wonder that he and I were both unhappy. In spite of using my best parenting skills, I had a child I couldn’t control and more importantly couldn’t enjoy. Stanley had never mastered the art of the good nights’ sleep, but as he entered his toddler years, he became increasingly unhappy. His days were filled with crying and whining. He approached toys not as playthings, but as objects to break, stomp on or throw. He became aggressive toward his siblings, then his friends at school. He was not exhibiting empathy toward those closest to him when they were hurt or in need. To sum it up – so much more was going wrong than right and we knew it could not be explained away as the “terrible twos.”

What a change two weeks of Bone Conduction has brought. Stanley is happy and smiling. He cooperates, compromises, transitions well and obeys. No longer does he throw toys; he now plays appropriately with them. No longer does he hit his siblings and laugh, he now gives hugs and kisses. Before therapy, he shot around the house like a ball in a pin-ball machine. Now, he has purpose and direction. He plays, interacts and converses in an orderly and appropriate manner. His favorite phrase is, “Can I help you Mommy?” And he really does help. I would never have let the “old” Stanley set the dinner table. We would have had water on the floor and forks stuck in the wall. Now, however, this is fun Mommy-Stanley time. He takes direction and seeks to please rather than taking delight in wreaking havoc. In addition to his beautiful daytime behavior, his sleeping has improved 100%. He goes to sleep without crying, stays asleep and wakes up happy. The end result of all this change is we are all enjoying Stanley so much. We look forward to spending time with him instead of away from him. He is the fun, loving, engaging child that we just knew he could be! Thank you!!

— Mom