8 year old boy with learning disabilities and behavior problems and health issues.



I am writing this with the kind of pleasure only a mother of a child with learning and health problems can have when their child finds his place in life and it is a good one!
He received language therapy with you when he was 8 – 9 years old.

I remember he had homework like “name 3 things you drink” and things of that sort. That was hard for him.

He also went to Betty McBride, OTR for sensory integration therapy, and then he went to a group art therapy for anger management and social skills.

Randy had been diagnosed with ADHD, but he didn’t take Ritalin or anything of that nature. He had a medical condition which resulted in having an enlarged aorta and could not take stimulants. He had a really strong Montessori teacher in preschool and Lower Elementary, who taught him how to rein himself in when he needs to.

I just thought you all were so warm and friendly at Lakewood Pediatric Therapy and that is such a comfort to a parent who is afraid for their child and anxious about their future.

After Randy graduated from high school, he was not ready for college. He worked at a restaurant for a while and proved himself to be creative and hard working. He then decided he was ready for college and went to a college that had a great LD support system. Even with that, things did not go well. He was miserable, so he came home. He signed up for some computer courses at Richland and did well there. He got a paid internship in the IT department at a local hospital. At the end of his internship, Randy was taken on full time in a permanent position working the help desk. He did so well that he got an award for his performance. The department of information security came and asked him to interview for a position with them. They hired him in this new position a couple of months ago. He loves his work. He is good with computers and good with people and I am so proud of him. Randy was the youngest person working on the help desk team and he is the youngest person in the internet security department. He makes a comfortable salary and lives independently.

—Thank you from a grateful mom