Adult woman with severe sensory processing who consulted with Center for Therapeutic Strategies for alternative treatment options


Dr. Victoria K. was a 50 year old woman with training in nursing and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She had a chronic debilitating physical condition caused by viruses which attacked her heart and nervous system resulting in processing deficits. Her story is included here to describe some of the ways that processing issues can manifest in an adult.

Her inconsistent and intermittent symptoms included:

  • Vision & Hearing disturbances with stress
  • Ringing in the ears that lasted for days
  • Feeling “not really being here”
  • Knowing she is someplace but can’t remember how she got there
  • Speaking one thing and thinking another
  • Struggling with putting words together
  • Knowing she understands but can’t communicate it to others
  • Hearing something that was not said (misunderstanding the words of others)
  • Hearing or reading words that seem jumbled and don’t make sense
  • Seeing objects that don’t make sense
  • Having information in her head that she can’t get out
  • External information that is won’t come in clearly or can’t be held onto sufficiently
  • Unable to respond to her external world accurately

She had been a nurse of about fifteen years when she initially experienced some of these processing symptoms at a very serious level.

This is her story in her words:

My youngest child was three at the time I experienced these symptoms coinciding with extremely bad headaches. In spite of extensive testing and investigation, these symptoms were a mystery to my medical practitioners as well as myself for about three years.

One morning, I had an extremely severe headache with the sensory processing symptoms so badly that I called in sick to work. I made a call to our established family physician. By the time he returned my call it was mid-afternoon and I could not even get off the couch. I answered the call, but suddenly I found it difficult to express anything outside of one-word syllables. He asked again to describe how bad these headaches were. I couldn’t get it out. I was so frustrated with myself because I couldn’t communicate. My words were garbled this time, and I wondered if I was having a stroke. I began to cry, and found myself saying the first understandable sentence of the phone conversation. “I know what I want to say, I just can’t get it out!” It stunned me so that I instantly quit crying. The doctor asked a couple of yes/no questions to see if I could get in to see him as soon as possible and to see if I had a ride.

I answered “yes,” though I now faced a new predicament. With such a severe headache, I could not drive myself, and I needed someone to watch my daughter. I couldn’t remember my neighbor’s phone number. I found it on my phone list, but I could not recognize the numbers to dial. I could read the numbers one at a time but I could not get my fingers to dial the same number. I couldn’t even speak the numbers. I looked at an eight and recognized its value, but on second glance I did not know what it was. Then I found I could remember a familiar number already had stored in my memory banks. My fingers remembered how to dial it. Thankfully the wife answered the phone. Using simple phrases I briefly told my need. She assured me they would come right away. That day the doctor ruled out migraine headaches as the issue after the migraine medicine was not effective.
This began my life journey of exploration including neurology testing, intensive cardiovascular testing, open heart surgery, and countless procedures. In 1997 I had open heart surgery but was no better. By 1999 I was face-to-face with a team of cardiologists who asked if I had ever been tested for viruses. Eventually I was tested positive and discovered several anti-viral treatments. These were simple compared with what I had just gone through with heart surgery. With my cardiologist’s encouragement, I was introduced to other modalities outside of the traditional realm, and began to heal. Even my heart improved significantly. It took me years and one doctor after another, to find out the roots to my health and processing issues.

Three years ago I joined Jane Shook’s prayer support team for the Center for Therapeutic Strategies. I learned more about viral issues and became better acquainted with other modalities and doctors from all over the United States. Center for Therapeutic Strategies is an opportunity to gain direction in several avenues to the journey of healing for yourself or those you love to find out how to assist them, what comes next, increase quality of life, and find loving support in your process.

The qualified health professionals to which they refer, and the modalities the practitioners at CTS use are keys to finding answers to long-awaited questions for you or your child. These loving people wait to encourage you any way they can. Thank God for the Center for Therapeutic Strategies.