A Not So Traditional Speech Therapist

Jane teaches sound awareness on a therapy ball

I am Jane Shook, clinical director and owner of Center for Therapeutic Strategies, a speech therapy practice in Dallas, Texas. I serve individuals with communication and processing challenges using innovative, cutting edge strategies that increase brain performance so areas of weakness can emerge with less effort. I work with children, teens, and adults with sensory processing and executive function issues. I also offer a mentoring service for SLP’s, SLP-A’s and SLP students who wish to gain understanding in using a multi-sensory model in speech therapy sessions.

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I offer traditional speech therapy for all communication disorders using not so traditional sensory strategies. This helps people use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. I use activities and exercises designed to increase calm, focused attention, looking and listening accuracy/ discrimination and the ability to effectively and confidently perform multiple tasks at the same time.

What are those “not so traditional sensory strategies?” I will be explaining that on this blog by using the stories of the individuals I learned from. The people I have worked with have been my teachers. It has been in searching for answers to help increase skills when traditional methods proved ineffective, that I learned new approaches.

I specialize in serving individuals with *phonological impairments * apraxia * auditory language processing * autism spectrum * developmental delays * verbal apraxia * learning disabilities * fluency and * feeding/ swallowing disorders.

On this site, I will be reminiscing about the people and life events that have led me to incorporate these innovative strategies in my practice.

**All names that appear in my blog articles have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients**