In this section you find helpful resources on sensory processing and speech disorders, the types of therapies offered at Center for Therapeutic Strategies, “take-home” therapies, and when to seek or offer help. You will also find a glossary of common terms and links to other useful information.

Center for Therapeutic Strategies was founded by Jane Shook, M.S., CCC, SLP in March 2006 to provide families and individuals struggling with the many faces and problems of processing disorders with a treatment roadmap to guide them in their specific journeys.
Whether you, your child, or your client is just entering the maze of treatment options, or has been on the trek for some time, CTS is available to provide a plan of prioritized goals and treatment strategies to light your way to the next step and offer hope for a fulfilling, productive future.

Treatment roadmaps are multi-step plans that address foundational areas of highest priority in order to create the most effective and efficient plan of action. Continuing supervision is available throughout the treatment journey in order to pursue the highest potential possible for those with processing issues.

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